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Delivery Drive Blessing

Delivery Driver Blessing

On Sunday, February 26 we had some pizza delivered to the TAB for the worship team.  A delivery driver named Jessica delivered the pizza as Pastor Daley invited her to the stage.

You know what I wanted to do today? I wanted to say thank you, Jessica.  Because what you do is meaningful and very helpful.” He went on to say, “You are making life easier for us and sometimes we don’t show gratitude and appreciation for those making life more convenient. We’ve been talking about generosity in our community and there is a thing called, reciprocity. That when people are sowing in to you like God is sowing in to us that there should be a response. So, I’ve been thinking how easy you make it on all of us – so I want to bless you this morning!”

Pastor Daley reached in to his pocket and pulled out $500 to bless her.  Our congregation erupted in applause, tears and shouts of joy – what a powerful moment!  They hugged and as Jessica was leaving the church people began to bless her and hand her even more.

We are blown away by the response from our church and our community that a simple act of generosity accomplished!  We placed this video on our Facebook page in order to encourage and share this message to our church community and word of this act began to spread.  We have more Facebook “likes and reactions” and shares than any other post we have made – thousands have viewed this video online!  Our local Nashville NBC news affiliate WSMV – Channel 4 news, Z97.5 FM, Q108 FM and have all ran stories on this act of generosity!

Take note that when you step out and step up – people notice.  Why do we do what we do? Because people matter!


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