Because People Matter.

Clarksville Campus

Welcome to The Tabernacle Church – Clarksville Campus (CC)
Senior Pastors – Anthony & Julia Daley

Clarksville, TN and Fort Campbell, KY are places of diversity and emerging culture – shouldn’t church reflect the community it is serving? The Tabernacle Church is filled with people from all different ethnicities, ages and cultures – merging together to be a true reflection of our community. As we gather you will experience God and a church of people who truly love him. People all over our region call The Tabernacle Church home.

Finding a church filled with life is always a challenge for people new to an area – The Tabernacle Church in Clarksville, TN will complete your search. Here you will find church the way it was meant to be! You will discover people experiencing life together and become connected to a raw Christian culture that’s lived out day to day by those who belong to our church community. A church that values family and cares about our children. At The Tabernacle Church, you will find a church of people that may not be perfect, but are striving every day to be real before God and others.

We’d love for you to join us and experience the loving community that we call The TAB! – Join us anytime.