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The Step Up Initiative

The vision that God gives a church is a powerful life-changing directive. Sometimes the pursuit of a vision overtakes the attention that needs to be given to communicating the vision. In this Step Up Initiative we want to be very intentional in making sure that we do everything we can to communicate this vision that God has laid on our community in a clear and compelling way. What we would ask of you is that you would be open and attentive as we do this.

We have to do this. The mission of this community is to make disciples and release ministers, both locally and abroad. We have to passionately pursue this vision that God has given The Tabernacle Church so that not only can more people be reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ, but we can strengthen our own community. Watch this video for the full vision of The Step Up Initiative –

What is the Step Up Initiative?

The Step Up Initiative is a two year journey toward fulfilling the vision that God has given to us as a Church. We are going to laser focus on advancing in four ministry areas as we continue to make disciples and release ministers.

The Step Up Initiative will be a time to challenge ourselves in the area of generosity and sacrifice, so that we can be part of something with eternal value. Corporately, it will be a time to pray and ask God about ways that we can Step Up!

What does it look like for us to Step Up?

The four buckets of this Step Up Initiative will be poured into what we’re calling a One Fund. What that means is that we’re going to take the operational expenses of the church for the next 24 months PLUS the expanded vision in these four areas that I just shared with you and combine them together into one fund. Here’s what it will look like:

Expanded Vision

More information

Attached is our core brochure – download a copy and read through the vision that God has given to The Tabernacle Church, and then join alongside us as we all join together to “Step Up!”

Download the Core Brochure