Because People Matter.

If you haven’t experienced TAB Intro events yet, then it is certainly your next step in our community –

What is TAB Intro? TAB Intro is our way of communicating what we’re all about here at The Tabernacle Church to those that are new to our community. In the weekly events, you’ll be introduced to the history of the church & the mission and heart of why we do what we do. You’ll also be exposed to Going Global – our World Missions Projects. There is a ton of great information. Here is breakdown of the events:

First Sunday – StepONE: Become a Member
Second Sunday – StepTWO: Discover your Design
Third Sunday – StepTHREE: Develop your Leadership
Fourth Sunday – StepFOUR: Serve on a TAB Team

If you are new to our community – we encourage you to take the next step and get in a TAB Intro event at the campus you are attending! We would love to have you! We have TAB Intro every Sunday at each of our campuses. Click the sign up link below to register for our StepONE Event!

Click here to sign up for StepONE